Feb 142013
Losing the Water Weight

I am on Day 12 of my 90 Day challenge and so far I’m feeling great! Since I’ve been taking Vi shakes I have not gotten any upset stomachs which I’m very happy about. The shakes that I’ve tried from GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe would always give me stomach ache. I never knew why because my boyfriend had no problems but someone told me that my stomach is too sensitive. This is why I took a chance with Vi, I figured it may be something that won’t be too harsh for my sensitive tummy. During my 12 days with Vi, I have gotten no problems with it. Why My Workout Videos Are Missing I know I was supposed to be making videos of myself working out but lately I have been experiencing so many problems. I was using my camera and a camcorder during my first initial recordings but [Continue Reading]

Feb 022013
My Business Kit and Losing 10 Pounds

I got my business kit in the mail today and I’m excited to finally start my challenge! I ordered my kit Tuesday afternoon and I got it on Friday which was just time for the weekend. I’m going to start planning my workouts for the month and start taking pictures of how my progress is looking. I wonder how my ‘After’ picture will look like once I’m done with the 90 days challenge. So I’m not going to keep you waiting, here’s my unboxing video of my business kit. So now that you know the physical products that gets mailed to you, you have to keep in mind that there are other things you get that I didn’t mention in the video. Here is a closer look at the other two business kits. You can see the difference and value for each kit, you need to pick the one that [Continue Reading]

Feb 012013
Body By Vi – Why I Chose It

The first time I heard about Body By Vi was over a year ago, someone sent me a message through Facebook. They were sharing their business opportunity with me and of course since it was a weight loss product, it was tempting to purchase so that I could start on my New Year’s resolution. This was back in 2012. Of course, I decided not to buy because I didn’t have the time to start promoting a new product; I was too busy trying to fix my main blog. I did notice that throughout the year Body By Vi gained traction and pretty soon I was hearing it from a lot of people. I was even surprised to find people in Hawaii who are also in the company. I even connected with them and asked how they liked the company. They love the company and the products and have created a [Continue Reading]

Jan 292013
Vitamin Powder or Vitamin Pills?

We’ve all seen those vitamin pills and candy vitamins. But what about vitamin powder? For a long time now I’ve been buying multi-vitamin pills because I know I need to take them everyday. But whenever I try to take them I try to psych myself out into trying to swallow it. I could never swallow them. Don’t you know how huge they are? They’re HUGE! So then I would start buying candy vitamins. I stopped buying them after one bottle because I would always want more. They are so delicious! Especially the gummy vitamins. YUM! I stopped buying them because it can be dangerous for someone who loves candy. You never know when someone might overdose on them. I already met a few people that ate it like candy without realizing they were overdosing on vitamins. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. I didn’t want [Continue Reading]

Jan 252013
Alka Seltzer Plus Review - Get Rid of a Cold FAST

If you ever got over a cold within a few days you would think it was a miracle right? I think miracles can happen. I saw that commercial on tv where Alka Seltzer Plus could get rid of a cold fast. I made a mental note to try that the next time I get sick. I must’ve mentally jinxed myself because the next day I felt a cold coming on. I know I’m getting sick once my throat gets sore. You know the kind of sore where you swallow saliva and it just hurts for no reason? Yeah, that’s the first symptom. The next would be coughing early in the morning. I mean super early in the morning around 3am. It’s that type of coughing that wakes you up for a second and you knock right back out. Have you gotten those types of coughs before? I’m sure you have. [Continue Reading]

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